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Stem cell treatment is used to deal with a variety of illnesses. Stem cells are found in fat, bone marrow and many other tissues in the body. These cells are able to repair damaged tissues. The problem is, the bodies of those with degenerative diseases often do not make enough stem cells to keep up with the pace of the tissues being damaged.

Stem cell treatments involve the extraction, concentration and administration of these stems cells to areas where they are needed. Clinical trials have shown that the infusion of stem cells has a positive effect on those dealing with degenerative diseases.

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What to expect when getting stem cell treatment

Stem cell treatments can be performed using the patient's stem cells or a donor's. The stem cells of an adult can be harvested from many parts of the body, like peripheral blood, fat or bone marrow. Once the cells have been extracted, the fluid is sent to a lab where it is assessed and purified. The purified stem cells are then injected into the patient.

Stem cells harvested from fat or bone marrow can morph into different types of cells, like liver, cartilage, heart or nerve cells. Studies indicate that stem cells can repair damaged tissues in many parts of the body.

The stem cells found in fat are basically restricted to a fixed part of the body, but studies show that they can also morph into different types of tissues and help suppress pathological immune system responses. Fat stem cells can be used to treat people dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other diseases that target the immune system.

Bone marrow stem cells were the first type to be discovered. They were originally only used for bone marrow transplants as a treatment for people dealing with hematopoietic diseases or leukemia. Their use has been expanded to include treating diabetes, vascular disease, heart disease and many other serious conditions.

Benefits of stem cell treatment

Stems cell treatments offer many benefits, like minimal recovery times and risk. Others include:

  • It helps avoid surgeries and the complications they can bring; the treatment is minimally invasive and there is no surgery involved

  • There is not much of a recovery period after getting stem cell treatment; this can allow patients to recover quicker since the recovery process does not add extra time to the healing period

  • There is no need for general anesthesia; the thought of that alone scares some patients, and there is always a small chance of complications
  • There is no risk of diseases being transferred if the cells are extracted from the patient

  • Thanks to stem cell treatment, people who are dealing with a degenerative disease now have more options. The treatment does not require any surgery, and you will be back to your regular self in no time. At Mirror Mirror Med Spa, we can make managing your condition easier with stem cell treatments. Visit us at our Tucson office to learn more about how this procedure can improve your health.