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The NeoGraft Difference

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure in which the graft from the back of the head (donor area) is harvested individually and placed in the thinning or balding areas on the top of the head.

The NeoGraft method of hair restoration is a minimally invasive solution, which can treat male pattern baldness and female baldness in almost half the time of any other hair restoration procedure. After years of research and development, the NeoGraft Automated FUE method offers one of the least invasive techniques for hair transplantation with minimal complications. NeoGraft is safe, comfortable, effective, and affordable – with minimal downtime and no linear scarring.

How Neograft Works

The Neograft procedure begins with hair being removed from the donor area in the back of your head where your hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone.

Each graft is extracted with the same consistency in diameter and length resulting in a dramatically increased take rate.

The hair transplant surgeon creates recipient sites in the proper angle, direction and orientation according to the artistic hair transplant plan he has designed specifically for you.

The follicular units are then carefully separated by size. Grafts are transplanted into the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. Each graft is meticulously harvested as it naturally occurs and implanted individually to ensure the best results.

Why Choose the NeoGraft Method of Restoration?

  • Little to no discomfort
  • No scalpel incision
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Large areas in a single session
  • No sutures or staples
  • Quick recovery time
  • Fewer activity limitations
  • Natural-looking hairline (no linear scar)


  • You can go back to work the next day if you choose and resume normal activity within 48 hours excluding strenuous exercise
  • You will wear a bandage (like an ace-wrap) with a small amount of swelling for up to 24 – 48 hours
  • Some pinpoint redness & some pinpoint scabbing for 1 week
  • You may wear a hat after 48 Hours as long as it sits 2 inches from the treated area. Ex. Baseball cap
  • You need to give your scalp/grafts 2 weeks to fully recover before resuming strenuous activity that will cause sweating or blood pressure to rise.

Procedure & Results 

NeoGraft is an FDA-cleared machine used for hair transplantation. It uses a minimally invasive method that is a variation of the FUE technique, which involves harvesting hair grafts one at a time instead of cutting a strip of skin from a donor site like the back of the head (FUT technique / Strip Method). NeoGraft uses an automated handheld device to remove follicles and implant them in balding areas.

  • Results are IMMEDIATE! You will leave being able to see the grafts in place
  • Hair grows in cycles, the hair implanted will shed for 2-4 weeks and then will be replaced by new fully functioning hair
  • Results will get continue to get better each week with full realization at 9-12 months post procedure
  • Higher graft take rate (greater than 90%) than strip method and leads to less hair irritation and trauma to the to the scalp
  • NeoGraft is ideal for all hair types & colors with natural looking results
  • The procedure can take 4-8 hours depending on number of grafts
  • You are awake during the procedure with oral and local anesthesia to make you relaxed & comfortable

NeoGraft Facts 

  • NeoGraft is an automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • NeoGraft is the ONLY FDA Class 1 Medical device for hair restoration
  • No Linear Scarring
  • 94% “Worth It” Rating on RealSelf.com, one of the highest rated procedures in Cosmetics (Better than Botox, Coolsculpting, Lasik, and invisalign)
  • Our doctors are such believers in the technology, they’ve received treatment and recommend to their friends/family.


NeoGraft is priced by the number of follicles removed, and is priced per graft versus how many hairs are implanted. The number of grafts needed is individual to each person with a range of 500-3,000 with the average being 2,000 grafts. The price of this procedure varies greatly from patient to patient. Therefore please contact us and schedule a free consultation where you will receive an individualized assessment and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the doctor be performing my procedure?2019-06-26T17:36:04+00:00

“Our doctors will be highly involved in making all the necessary and important decisions as well as be there every step of the way. Certified NeoGraft technicians will be the one’s assisting the physician during the procedure. These technicians all come with more that 10-20+ years of experience and we’ve spared no expense to ensure you have the most experience technicians, so you’re in the best hands possible.”

What is an “FUE” hair transplant?2019-06-26T17:35:55+00:00

“F.U.E.” or “Follicular-Unit Extraction” is an advanced, “minimally-invasive” hair transplant method which allows for the harvesting of individual follicles from the back of the head (donor area) without a scalpel or stitches, and therefore leaves no linear scar.

What are the main benefits of FUE over the traditional “Strip Method” or linear harvesting?2019-06-26T17:35:51+00:00

It is well-accepted that FUE transplants can heal faster and more comfortably than linear ­harvest techniques which the physician uses a scalpel and removes a strip of scalp requiring stitches. With the minimally invasive technique FUE, the patient can return to work in a couple of days and once healing is complete, the patient has the option of wearing a very short haircut without the worry of a tell-tale linear scar. Without the need for stitches, downtime is shorter with fewer activity restrictions post-operatively.

What are some benefits of NeoGraft™ over manual FUE techniques?2019-06-26T17:35:47+00:00

The highly ergonomic mechanical NeoGraft™ device works as a natural extension of the surgeons’ hand, allowing for faster and more accurate harvesting of hair follicles. NeoGraft™ patients now reach their goal with less time in the procedure room or fewer FUE procedures altogether.

Who is a good candidate for FUE using NeoGraft™?2019-06-26T17:35:43+00:00

Patients who would like the option of wearing a very short haircut in the back or sides of their scalp, or those who want the least amount of activity restriction (e.g. athletes) after their hair transplant procedure, may be good candidates for FUE with NeoGraft™. FUE can also be used for ‘scar camouflage’ procedures for patients who have had prior “Strip” procedures, as well as for body hair transplants.

What are the major cost differences between FUE and linear-harvest hair transplant procedures?2019-06-26T17:35:39+00:00

The fee structure for FUE hair transplant procedures reflect the more detailed and intricate nature of those procedures compared to those performed with a linear harvest strip method but in most cases is very similar in pricing.

Are the final transplanted ‘results’ any different with FUE/NeoGraft™ than those achieved with linear harvesting?2019-06-26T17:35:35+00:00

Results are similar. FUE procedures, by default, yield grafts that contain mainly one, two, three, or four follicles called “follicular units.” Strips or linear harvests, are removed from the back of the scalp and are then microscopically dissected by a team into grafts of one, two or three follicles, would also yield similar ‘follicular-unit’ grafts. Provided that in each case the grafts are implanted with care, artistry and precision into the recipient area, the final transplanted results with FUE would be similar, if not identical, to those accomplished with a linear harvest. The difference is not in the area of hair growth, but how the donor area is harvested either by a strip of scalp or by small individual graft extractions. Using the FUE Technique, leaves no linear scar.

Is FUE/NeoGraft™ suitable for both men and women?2019-06-26T17:35:27+00:00

Yes. Because FUE/NeoGraft™ is a minimally-invasive procedure, it is a viable option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair with transplantation.

Do I have to get a total ‘buzz cut’ to have an FUE/NeoGraft procedure?2019-06-26T17:35:22+00:00

No, if your hair is long enough, harvesting using the FUE/NeoGraft can be done by shaving small areas which can be covered by your other, existing hair.

Is there any guarantee you provide for this procedure?2019-06-26T20:11:53+00:00

No result can ever be guaranteed and therefore we can’t guarantee any results either, but I want you to know you’re in very good hands. Dr. Marsh is Board Certified with years of experience and a team that has over 20 years of experience. We put our name and reputation on every procedure I offer and if we didn’t think this was the best possible hair loss solution I wouldn’t offer it in the practice. We will set as realistic expectations as possible and make sure all your questions are answered but anyone that does offer you a guarantee I would be very cautious because it’s just not possible and it would be an over promise to try and get you to commit to them.

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